It has been quite some time since we posted anything about what we’ve been doing and where we’re going. Despite our relative silence, we have been working in the background and are excited to show all the changes that have been going on at BrainWorm Inc. and Cardspiracy.

We’re growing!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Heidi who has joined the BrainWorm team as our Social Media Manager to help us manage our online presence. Heidi will be assisting us by providing more interaction with our fans, regular updates and polls. Welcome aboard Heidi!

What have we been up to all this time?

The answer is a lot! We’ve been constantly play-testing Cardspiracy and integrating feedback into the game. We have incorporated game play tweaks, card design changes and accessibility improvements; more about that in the upcoming weeks. In addition to these changes, the Cardspiracy game instructions have been professionally reviewed and edited. We are now at a place where we are confident in the game play.

What’s next?

Our next major hurdle is box art which is currently in progress. We will be sending copies out to game reviewers for feedback once this is complete. In parallel with this, we have been investigating manufacturing and cost options now that the fundamentals of the game have been finalized.
We feel we’re closer than ever to the goal of launching a Kickstarter campaign.

More to come ….

We will be sharing more about the process of taking the idea of Cardspiracy and how it has evolved to what it is today. We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we have so far!

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