With GenCon 50 neatly behind us, it’s time to reflect on the experience of our first GenCon.


After a grueling 12 hour drive from Toronto down to Indianapolis, Lock, Jolene and I arrived at the hotel, a bit later than we would have preferred but arrived none-the-less.


As chance would have it, while waiting for a shuttle we met Jennifer and David McMillan, board game reviewers for Meeple Mountain and a big Critical Role fan, Ray. We chatted about games and podcasts for a few minutes, then arrived at the Indianapolis Convention Center. Our first of four play tests in the First Exposure Playtest Hall was scheduled for 12:00 PM, so we had a few hours to get organized and take a peek around the Exhibit Hall. We met up with Lock’s brother Ian Watson, Dev Lead for the upcoming Trinity Continuum at Onyx Path Publishing to get some last minute directions around the exhibit hall before beginning our sessions.


We once again had 4 games, spread over 14 hours (something we will probably avoid, now that we know the exhibition hall is only open from 10 AM to 6 PM).  We made some tweaks based on feedback from Friday which helped to streamline the flow of the game. With a final play test finishing just after midnight we returned to the hotel, with one final play test booked for Sunday morning at 8AM.


Delirious from exhaustion we drove in to the ICC for our final game. We were able to finish up in time to quickly run around the Exhibit Hall to pick up a few last board games for the collection before starting our journey back to the Northlands.  It was a great opportunity for an extended debrief and planning session to review all of the feedback we received over the last few days.

A big thanks to the First Exposure Playtest Hall organizers at Double Exposure and all of the phenomenal play testers (some of which came from far and wide, big ups to you EU Dave) for their invaluable feedback.

We’re looking forward to our next public test sessions in the Greater Toronto Area at ProtoTO in September.

Here are a few recap pics of the games: