GenCon 2018 is officially behind us!  Here’s a breakdown of our time there:

For our testing at GenCon this year we asked our playtesters to help us identify any confusing wording they encountered and to make sure the number of followers up for grabs from the social voting portion of the game was awarding players appropriately for creative decisions.

Brent has been working with manufacturers to nail down our exact components for the box as we take another step closer to Kickstarter, so we stream lined the action card deck and token count to meet those specifications.

We changed up our schedule from last year to give us more time for networking and the Exhibit hall.  Brent had a scheduling conflict and wasn’t able to make the trip this year so I went down with 2 friends – Mike and Jamie, who were entered in the X-Wing Tournament.

We started our drive from the Greater Toronto Area around 12 PM.  Jumping ahead 10 hours we pulled into our hotel in Indianapolis. Our new Cardspiracy banner and promotional foam brains that we give to playtesters were waiting for us when we arrived.

On Friday I got a chance to play Flicked & Furious from the guys at Winsmith Games before our scheduled sessions.  It’s a super fun dexterity racing game that has all the best parts of Mario Kart, but feels like it’s own unique experience. Check it out if you get a chance I can’t wait to see their next steps.

One of my favourite parts about GenCon this year was seeing our playtesters from last year. Being able to catch up with them and share our progress on the game was really rewarding.

Our scheduled playtests were over Friday and Saturday targeting 4-6 player games. We were lucky enough to have a really solid group of playtesters this year ranging from new to repeat playtesters, industry professionals and the folks from DwarvenForge.

The feedback from testing confirmed that the changes made to wording and social voting addressed those issues but one unexpected result we found was a significant change in game play as a direct result of how many players are at the table.  I’ll cover it in my next blog post, but short of it is that it’s caused by the changing availability of “high value” action cards as the number of players increases.

  • Playtesting at GenCon 2018

Our next convention is going to be ProtoTO in Toronto, Ontario at the end of September 2018.  We’ll share our playtest times in the near future.