This is the 50th anniversary of GenCon and with 4-Day passes having sold out, and 1-day passes on track to sell out, this is officially going to be the biggest GenCon ever.

We have been fortunate enough to have slot assignments in the First Exposure Playtest Hall (FEPH – Room 107 – 110) run by Double Exposure.

They’ve got the schedule all ironed out, so check it below:

Friday August 18:
12PM – 2PM
2PM – 4PM
6PM – 8PM
8PM – 10PM

Saturday August 19:
10AM – 12PM
4PM – 6PM
6PM – 8PM
10PM – 12AM

Sunday August 20:
8AM – 10AM

Outside of those times we’ll be around GenCon playing other games, talking to gamers and making the rounds through the massive

If you see us, feel fee to stop us to chat.  We’ll be the ones in the black BrainWorm Inc t-shirts and tin foil hats (pics to come).