The Event cards have come a long way. Play testing and player feedback helped shape the game, and Event cards are no exception.

What a Spicy Acorn!

The first version of Events came in the form of the Spicy Acorn Report. The general layout of the headline, sub header and card instructions has changed very little through the versions of the Event card.

What is this? Written on granite?

We attempted to create a newspaper feel with the first version of the cards, but that turned out to be harder than expected. It was also designed to fit on a standard Poker sized card of 3.5″x2.5″. Early play testing quickly identified this as not the best choice for larger hands or anyone with accessibility concerns.

Let’s add some style!

The Event cards changed at the same time as the other cards in the game, but this particular change was most impacting for the Event cars.

The new style of the front of the Event cards really fit the feel of the game. The best change for this iteration of the cards was that the information began to be colour coded to make it easier to understand the purpose of the card. We still needed to address the size of the cards. The Spicy Acorn Report also received a new logo change in this iteration and that new logo certainly generated the most satisfaction for us.

Two acorns are better than one

We made some minor changes to the graphical layout of the card this time around. We moved around the masking tape and added another acorn, because we all know if one acorn is good then two must be better!

After collecting feedback from our play testing we found that there was far too many duplicate events and too many that did the same thing. The various bits of flavour text that had been so much fun to develop became the only thing that really varied on the card. It was tough to decide to scrap all of that work. However, it had become obvious that it had become tedious when used in playing the game.

Out with the small and in with the BIG

It was astonishing to see the change a couple of inches can make.

Players no longer needed to squint so that they could read text on a small Poker sized card. It was a much more comfortable experience using the Event cards printed Tarot sized card of 2.75″x4.75″. We can’t stress enough how big of a change this was in pure play-ability. We also added a quick reference top right of the card. This allowed players to get a quick idea of the impact of the Event at a glance. Thank you to the play testers that recommended this because it was not in our plans and it made such a significant improvement to the game experience.

We also used this run to remove a number of duplicate events and come up with more unique events. Players we no longer stuck getting the same event over and over. Now nearly every turn would be its own unique event.

Back to the back

Not much changed on the front of the cards in the next iteration other than a change in iconography for the quick reference, which matched a change in token iconography. The big change was the back of the card.

And here we are

As with all the other card types the back was changed to better fit with the overall feel of the cards. Along with this change the border was removed.

One thing we haven’t mentioned yet is the wording on the Event cards. This was, and to a certain extent still is, an ever changing and constant battle. Similar to the Action cards, it can be difficult to explain a complicated idea with limited words and space. Luckily for us the purpose of these cards perfectly suit a larger card and what a relief that is!

The Event cards now fit the game perfectly. Scattered and scribbled notes on breaking news headlines, easy-to-reference card functions and a nicely sized tarot card all make the Event cards much quicker and easier for players to understand. Events have come a long way!

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