It has been a journey, sometimes even an arduous journey, to get the cards to their current state. Recently we were searching for a particular graphic and as we starting seeing the evolution from the beginning to today, it was a fun walk down memory lane.

Who, What, Why … the beginning

One thing that was central from Day 1 was the Who, What and Why component of the game. Although the structure of the cards have remained fairly constant since day one, graphically these elements have gone through some major changes. Several design concepts for initial testing were created. These were printed on 1″x2″ cards so that the core game play could be tested.

Accessibility Improvements

It didn’t take long to realize that the core, underlying game play of Cardspiracy was solid, even if we had a lot of things to work through. After a gazillion times trying to shuffle the tiny deck, as well trying to hold them in our hands, we quickly realized that to further test the game we needed bigger cards. We switched to 3.5″ x 2.5″ poker sized card and the game play became a lot more fun. Also, wanting to ensure that we were being thoughtful of all players, we made a conscious choice of colours for the Who, What and Why cards to assist players who are colourblind.

How the colours appear to someone with red/green colour blindness.

Each play test provided important feedback. One of the most useful suggestions we received was to add an icon to the card so that players could easily identify the type of card they were holding in their hand. With that, the icon for Who, What and Why identification was added to the top left of the card, following the same colour scheme.

People look at the backs too???

A minor change to the back of the cards took place with this iteration as well. An improvement for sure, but still not quite there.

One piece of feedback we consistently heard was how the back of our cards seemed out of place with the rest of the visual design. This was a major overhaul to the back of the card and one that brought us close to the final design.

Although the back was slowly improving, there was something about it we felt was still out of place thematically. With another overhaul of the back of the card and removal of borders on the front, we finalized the card design.

What a journey…

We’re finally done!

With our final design we have matched the design of the cards to the thematic elements of Cardspiracy, along with play-ability and accessibility.

Thematically, both the front and the back of the cards now fit within the genre of the game. Functionally, the cards can now be easily identified as either a Who, What or Why card through both colour and iconography, both being colourblind friendly. The subcategory of the card, such as Generic or Paranormal, are easily identifiable through their placement and colour.

Tell us what you think!

Did we hit the mark? What is your favourite game to play simply due to it’s theme? You can even tell us about your commute if you like!

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