What a character…

The idea of having a hidden character that could tip a close game in your favour was always part of Cardspiracy. Character cards added some additional strategy options and fit great into the theme of the game as well. Would it be better to go for straight points in a round or play strategically and get a bunch of points right at the end? While this idea depends on your play style and other players in the game, this element of game play has remained relatively untouched since the beginning.

What hasn’t remained untouched is how characters fit into the game thematically and of course, how it it looked. The first batch of characters were actually press badges since you worked for a conspiracy magazine!

A blogger is born

Character cards worked quite well from the start, but we still had to wrestle with how it fit into the overall theme. We always felt that a conspiracy magazine editor/publisher fit the theme of conspiracies… 30 years ago. We needed something a bit more modern. In retrospect, as we are sitting here updating our gaming blog, the idea of being a conspiracy blogger took far longer than it should have. When we finally considered it, we immediately changed tracks and a completely new overhaul of design came about.

Our first mistake though was making it onto a 2.5″ x 3.5″ poker card. That’s a lot of information for such a small card! Some changes to the header names and descriptive text was changed but overall the actual content of the cards changed very little other than graphically.

Sometimes size does matter

As with Event cards, we moved to a larger Tarot sized card so that it would be far easier for players to read learn about their character while also adding extra room for some flavour text to explain the blog and its tagline.

Who’s that?

The trickiest part of the character cards turned out to be deciding on what pictures to include on the cards. We went from various versions of ourselves, our pets, anything we could slap onto a card. These worked great for testing the overall game and feel of the cards, but we felt a more diverse representation of players would be necessary. We sought out permission of our friends and colleagues to diversify our characters. After all, conspiracies are open to everyone!

Minor tweaks

The character cards followed much the same changes as the other cards in the game. Change in the back for Event cards? Do the same to Characters! Change in the front for Event cards? Do the same for Characters! Once the overall feel of the cards was finalized pieces started to fall into place.

The other cards in the game needed so much change that it certainly feels good when a mechanic doesn’t need much tweaking!

One last thing…

The Character cards are complete, with one exception. We are in the process of working with a professional illustrator to create 100% custom character images that fit in the theme of the game and expect them to be completed by the end of June. We are excited to see how the final version of the cards works out.

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